Our curriculum is constantly being developed and was last reviewed in 2014.  It currently consists of 25 modules.  These are grouped in 7 subject areas.

1.  Bible Translation
Bible Translation Principles
Theory of Translation
Mission and Bible Translation and the History of Bible Translation

2. Practical Bible Translation
The Process of Bible Translation
Translation Practicum

3. Reading and Understanding the Bible
Biblical Exegesis (NT)
Biblical Exegesis (OT)
Textual Criticism
Literary Studies
New Testament Greek
Biblical Hebrew

4. Applied Linguistics
Phonetics and Phonology
Morphology and Syntax
Discourse and Translation

5. Language and Community
Cultural Anthropology 1
Cultural Anthropology 2
Writers' Workshop

6. Christian Leadership
Biblical Management and Leadership

7. Applied Computer Skills
Basic Computer Skills and Maintenance
Software for Bible Translation