last updated 11th July, 2017

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Diploma in Bible Translation

In the last 34 years 1058 people from 27 nations have participated in our under-graduate training programme, the Diploma in Bible Translation (DBT).

179 from 11 different nationalities have graduated with the Diploma after an average of 5 years of study, which comprises intensive modules, self study and on-the-job training.  

342 are currently enrolled. They represent 121 languages with Bible translation need.  The great majority are involved in first time translation of the Bible into their language or preparing to do so. Last year 10 students graduated, and so far 28 have joined the training programme this year. The current students represent 13 nationalities and train in one of 13 locations where we currently offer the DBT training or by distance.

To download a leaflet about the DBT programme click here.  For more details on where and when training is offered click here.  


MTh in Bible Translation Consultation
Our MTh programme in Bible Translation Consultation is an opportunity for practice-oriented training in this field. The proposal was accepted by the South African Theological Seminary (SATS)  in 2012.    Five students are currently enrolled. They study in the countries where they live. For more details about the programme click here.